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If you are thinking of playing online bingo for the first time then you need to consider trying out each bingo variant so as to select the best of choice. Online bingo rooms offers a variety of online bingo games to include the popular three bingo variants – 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo and the 80 ball bingo. Before you get started, you need to know how the games are played. Firstly, you need to read and understand the guides that will give you a clearer picture of how the game is played.

Basically, with all online bingo games, it’s all about purchasing bingo tickets and each ticket will have a number sequence that is unique from all other tickets and you would have to match this sequence with the bingo balls being called out. Bu matching the sequence of numbers, you are awarded a prize. If all numbers have been matched then this is known as a full house and you would have hit the bingo. Depending on the bingo room, it can offer a progressive jackpot that can keep increasing gradually and will only be triggered when a player hits a full house.

as the name implies, if you are playing 75 ball bingo, 75 bingo balls will be used in the game and each number will marked and coloured from 1 up to 75. This also applies to all other bingo variants. The balls are grouped in colours and as you purchase a bingo ticket, your ticket will consist of numbers and as these numbers are called out, the software will automatically dab off the numbers that match to the ones that have been called out.


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Completing a pattern on the ticket is known as a house and players can be awarded with a variety of bingo prizes depending on the online bingo room. Therefore, the more tickets you buy, the more chances you get in receiving a ticket that will complete all patterns. The online bingo games can be played across all platforms – mobile, instant play online and download version. An added advantage is that players are able to pre-purchase bingo tickets and you do not have to be present at the bingo room when the game is running. You can also come back any time and check your results whether you ticket had hit a win or not.

Mobile Bingo Games Australia

An added advantage of online bingo games is that players are able to enjoy free play bingo. Most online bingo rooms will offer players to play their bingo games free everyday for a particular period and during the free play, players have an opportunity of winning cash prizes. New players can also tryout these games free by making use of the no-deposit bonuses as well as signup bonuses.

The bingo tickets are available at affordable prices and players can purchase bingo tickets from as little as a penny. Depending on the bingo room, players are given a limit on the number of bingo tickets they can purchase.

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