Your Guide to 75 Ball Bingo in Australia

75 ball online bingo is a common bingo game that is played at all online bingo rooms. This game is easy to play and if you are new to the game, it will only take you a few minutes to understand the rules of the game and get started.

With 75 ball online bingo, the main objective of the game is to purchases as many bingo tickets as you can and as the bingo balls are called out, you would have to complete a match/pattern on any of you bingo tickets to trigger wins. If you manage to complete the entire pattern on your ticket you would have hit a bingo and this is the highest possible payout awarded. Once a bingo has been hit, the game ends immediately and the next game commences.

In this bingo game, there are 75 ball online bingo present and these balls are grouped in colors: the blue balls, green balls, red ball, white, and yellow. The bingo ticket has 5 numbered columns and each column has 15 numbers. The numbers range from one through to seventy-five.

Each bingo ticket purchased has a variety of numbers marked and as the bingo balls are called out, the numbers marked on the bingo ticket forming a pattern should correspond to the ones being called out. There are a variety of patterns played in this bingo game and these include line patterns, corner to corner patterns, line up patterns and many more.

One thing you need to know is that each bingo ticket is given its unique numbered pattern and players are able to simply purchase the tickets and come back later to check if your tickets resulted to a win. The more tickets purchases is the more chances you get to hit the bingo. Players are able to buy bingo tickets from as little as a penny up to $1. However, a bingo room will limit the number of tickets you can purchase and also to include the minimum number of tickets that you can play with. Players can also enjoy 75 bingo tournaments as well as the progressive jackpots that can award more than $20,000.


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Best 75 Ball Bingo Online

The tournaments are offered by the bingo room on a daily, weekly or monthly base. In order to be part of the tournament, all you have to do is purchase the tournament tickets and wait for the draw. Many people may say that the game is about chance but if you strategize the way you play your bingo games, you may find out that you can win consistently at bingo.

Register your online bingo account and start playing 75 ball online bingo today! After registering an account, you can even start playing the games free if you have been given your free play bonus. Existing players too can enjoy free bingo games and win lots of cash.