Which Bingo Balls Come Up Most Often? And Other Bingo Questions

While there’s always someone you can ask for answers to your online Bingo questions, be it a pal in a chatroom or a customer service agent of the site you’re playing at, it’s not always convenient to do so. Browse through these and see if something you’ve been wondering about for a while gets clarified.

Which Bingo Balls Come Up Most Often?

If there was a simple answer to this question there’d be no fun in playing!

Certain people do feel that it’s possible to predict, to some degree, which numbers are coming up most often in a playing session, however. To figure out what these are, you’ll need to analyse the numbers that have been called out so far that seem to recur. The pattern these form can then be applied to the game you’re in.

Which Is the Most Popular Type of Bingo?

90-ball Bingo is by far the most popular version of the game in the world, including for Australian players. Numbers get displayed randomly across 9 columns, with 5 numbers appearing in each of the 3 rows.

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When Was Bingo Invented?

Legend has it that Bingo started off in Italy as a version of the Il Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia game in the 1500s. It then moved to France in the late 1700s, becoming Le Lotto as it did, and travelled across Europe from there.

It eventually reached North America in the 1920s as Beano, the name stemming from the word players used to shout when they got all their numbers called in a row. It’s here that a US toymaker called Edwin Lowe stumbled across the game being played at a carnival in the state of Georgia.

It’s said that a player got so excited about his win that he shouted out Bingo! instead of Beano. The name stuck, and the rest, as they say, is history. Lowe created a version of it and his friends loved it. By the 1940s it had spread across the country, by the 1960s it had reached the United Kingdom, and now there’s hardly a country in the world where it isn’t enjoyed.

Can I Play on My Smartphone?

For the most part, you certainly can. Online operators are well aware of how busy players are these days and have optimised their sites, or created dedicated apps, that allow you to enjoy Bingo on most handsets, including Android and iOS devices.

What Are the Rules in Bingo?

Players purchase cards featuring numbers randomly assigned to the grid the card features. Random numbers are then drawn, and players mark these off if the equivalent appears on their cards. The first player to complete a pre-set Bingo pattern wins a prize.

How Long Does Bingo Usually Last?

Usually around 10 minutes. But there are different variations that can take a bit longer or shorter and players are sometimes online just to catch up with their friends, or do so between games.

Is Online Bingo Safe?

Yes, very. It’s rare for problems around site security to come up if you’re playing at a properly licensed and regulated operator. Not only are they overseen by a governing body and abiding by commissioning law, but brands also have their own safety measures in place. This includes the kind of encryption software that many online banks use to keep players’ personal and financial information safe.

How Much Does it Cost to Play Online Bingo?

Exact ticket prices will vary from site to site and how much you want to spend is 100% up to you and your budget!

You’ll find games that are totally free along with those that cost as much as AU$2 a ticket. Generally speaking, the free games are primarily for fun and you won’t often be in the running for big cash prizes in these. But you could take home bonus rewards for other games or even free spins for pokies. They’re also a great way to practice and wonderful for testing the site and seeing how you like what’s on offer.

Most online Bingo sites charge between AU$0.1 and AU$1 a ticket and the higher the ticket price, the higher the jackpot.