Best Companion Casinos Games to Bingo

The most popular online gambling websites out there are able to offer you a full range of online gaming entertainment. This means that even if a site was initially a bingo site, the vast majority of them have been able to develop their business and offer many other forms of online gambling games. Some of the best alternatives to bingo are the online casino games. And since bingo is being played mostly by women (statistics show that more than 70% of the online bingo casino players are women), then you can find the online Bingo casino games that are preferred mostly be them. And here we mean the slots, the scratch cards, roulette and a few more.

The online bingo casino games is quite popular in Australia. Back in the past the game was called “Housie” and it was played in some big marquees. Later on it moved to the halls we know today and another interesting fact is that instead of screaming Bingo, like we all know today, they said “House!”.

Things have changed a lot and now the game has evolved into the digital era that we are living. The brick and mortar bingo games are no longer cool and people have moved over the online version of the game since it tends to be a lot more profitable and at the same time a lot easier to play.

There are many online bingo websites out there. In fact as we speak there are hundreds of sites that are able to offer this form of gambling for real money. At this moment, bingo is considered to be one of the fastest growing online gambling niche. Compared to the other forms of gambling that have started to see a slowdown, bingo can be still considered to be a young industry.


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Bingo Village
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Fairgo Casino
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$50 AUD Free Bingo Bonus9.8 / 10ReviewVisit
Bingo Billy
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Best Online Bingo & Casino Games

Playing bingo and casino games are not same bingo is easy while casino games are advanced. This means that you don’t have to remember some complicated rules and apply any complex strategies in order to win. Under these circumstances it is considered to be soft gambling. The sums of money that you have to pay in order to buy the bingo cards are very small and sometimes you can even find cards that cost $0.01 or $0.05. Just imagine the number of bingo casino games that you can play with just $1. Instead of complicating your life with some complex online gambling strategies, the online bingo websites will keep you happy and this way you won’t be stressed and you will most definitely be able to relax.

At the same time in case you will go for the pokies as your online casino games which is the alternative to bingo that you have available, then the situation changes a lot.

You can play both bingo and casino games. But when you are switching from bingo to online casino games is easy. The latest online bingo software allows people to do that only with a few clicks. This means that you will be all the time just a few clicks away from playing any of your favourite online casino games. There are many online bingo casino websites out there where in order to play the casino games you can use the exact same account and the same balance.